Equipping the (Young) Saints

By Clint Wilson I would like to share with you the single most effective way I have encountered to develop mature, culturally-engaged, young adult Christian leaders, and the reason the church I serve has dec... Read More...

Youth ministry as parish ministry: Sui Generis no more

The “entertainment model” of youth ministry is conditioning our young adults to see their walk with Jesus as one activity (among many) that can be dropped when they are too busy or it isn’t “fun” anymore.

Policy of truth

I will only sketch here the beginnings of a constructive Christian response to the false religion of violence and assault that is proving so seductive for our contemporary western culture, as for so many cultures before.

A different sort of scholar

"My entire worldview has been shaped and transformed by my involvement at the parish near campus." A junior in college wrote this sentence about the life and work he's found hanging around the upstairs choir room in the church he attends two blocks from his... Read More...