The Trials of Returning to Worship

By Shirley O’Shea It had been more than five months since I had entered a sanctuary when I returned to church. Before the coronavirus pandemic necessitated the suspension of worship services, I would drive 2... Read More...

No Singing

By Charlie Clauss As many of us emerge from shelter-at-home orders, churches have begun planning for in-person congregational worship. This is welcome news! The gathering of God’s people for worship is a gre... Read More...

Why Go Back to Church?

By Francis H. Wade It is unlikely that Carl Sandberg intended in 1936 to describe the plight of the church in 2020 but his poem “Get Off This Estate” does just that. "Get off this estate." "What for?" "Because it’s mine." "Where did you get it?" "From ... Read More...

Bodies in Worship

You can shop from home. You can work from home. And you can even worship from home.

Epiphany Seen through Monastic Eyes

The central theme for Epiphanytide is the manifestation of Christ to the world, which leads to the obvious exhortation that every Christian is called to repent and believe in the gospel.

What is to become of the Confession?

It’s one thing to say, “I have done something selfish or mean, or prideful.” It is another to say, “I am selfish, I am proud, I am greedy, I am mean, I am jealous, I am prejudiced, I am power-hungry.”