Mary and Christian Formation

By Leander S. Harding I have been led by a convergence of prayer and reflection on the challenge of Christian mission to the study of Mariology. I am surprised to find that this will be the fourth article on... Read More...

Summing Up Benedict XVI

By Victor Lee Austin The earthly life of Pope Benedict XVI has come to an end and his body has been committed to its resting place. As with any death, one wonders what this particular life was all about: wha... Read More...

An Old Proposal For a New Way Forward

An Ecumenical Priesthood The Spirit of God and the Structure of the Church By Karl Rahner Translated with a critical introduction by Jakob Karl Rinderknecht Fortress, pp. 100, $28 Review by Bruce Myers In the past 50 years, ecumenical dialogue has ma... Read More...

Interprovincial Agapé in Guatemala

Just recently I, along with five leaders from the parish I serve (including the rector), returned from a week-long, missional adventure in beautiful Guatemala.

John Jewel, Confident Visibilist

John Jewel's Apology for the Church of England is a classic of Anglican ecclesiology and a touchstone for understanding the church's visibility.

A Love Note to Anglicanism

Though I find myself today a Byzantine rite priest in communion with Rome, it was in the Anglicanism of my youth that I was formed in many important and providential ways.
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A hermeneutic of ecumenism

Today is the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the complementary bookend to the Confession of St. Peter, which was a week ago. This eight-day period each January is known as the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.