A Good Day

Esther 8:15-9:19 By Amber Noel What makes for a good day? A walk in the park with your dog? Stopping by the café for a hot doughnut and a cup o’ joe? A day when all the to-dos are checked off, your bills ar... Read More...

Body, Broken

Violence, Trauma, and the Eucharist Content warning: violence, trauma, abuse. By Hannah King Two years ago my brother died violently. I did not witness the end of his life, but a vision of it was painted... Read More...

On Apocalyptic Mobs

By Mark Perkins  “He who holds to the truth holds to God.” — Romano Guardini A mob is an apocalypse, a conflagration casting fiery light on what was previously in shadow. On August 12, 2017, we watched scenes of violence in Charlottesville posted to Twit... Read More...

On the beach with Rogue One

Star Wars was certainly not the fullness of the Christian hope and faith, but a new light was shining in a culture that had only 11 years before celebrated the “Death of God” on the cover of Time.

Faith and hope after the Louisiana flood

A few days after the flooding started, I met an elderly African American lady who had lost everything. She looked me in the eyes and said: “I think God wants to use this to bring us all together.”