Remembering the Future

By John Bauerschmidt One of the great themes of Advent is the Lord’s coming in glory at the end of time: the “Second Coming.” In modern lectionaries, the four-Sunday Advent season immediately before Christma... Read More...

A High Regard for Scripture

By Bryan Owen  One of the things that struck me when I first started worshiping in the Episcopal Church was the prominent place of Scripture in the liturgy. In addition to three Scripture readings (plus a psalm) in a typical Sunday service, I noticed that v... Read More...

A Scriptural Liturgy

By John Bauerschmidt In his book, The Love of Learning and the Desire for God, Jean Leclercq offers this reflection on liturgical worship: All the delicacy of liturgical poetry comes from the free and harmo... Read More...

Very Members Incorporate

Cranmer’s traditionalism comes through in his emphasis on the mutual indwelling of the believer and Christ, and the incorporation of believers into Christ.

Living with Cranmer’s Lectionary

Cranmer’s Kalendar demonstrates the basic principle that Anglicans are meant to engage Scripture, as far as possible, in its entirety.

The Daily Office

The Daily Office is one of the acknowledged treasures of the Anglican tradition, and a central obligation of the clergy.