A catechism of Nature (4): The sea

What can the sea tell her, That she does not now know, and know how to bear? She knows, as the sea, that what came will recur, And detached in that wisdom, is aware How grain by slow grain, the last sun heat fr... Read More...

Web-based coffee chatter

Podcasts do not substitute for conversation, but they’re a rewarding supplement. The podcasts I highlight here help me feel connected in an age of atomization.

You might be a monist

Monism is all rather heady, but it bears on several theological topics, including Christology and ecclesiology.

A Lenten feast: Rowan’s Hulsean Lectures

One of the significant goods of grappling with “difficult” works of art (or theological lectures) is the way doing so can provide training for enduring the ordinary difficulties of life.