The Holy Trinity: Indwelling the Mystery

By Chip Prehn The Church the world over celebrated the Feast of the Holy Trinity on Sunday, May 30th. What used to be called “the season after Trinity” takes the Church all the way to the First Sunday of Adv... Read More...

The Episcopal Church in 2050

By David Goodhew Bishop John Shelby Spong wrote a book in 1999 entitled Why Christianity Must Change or Die. The Episcopal Church has, largely, followed Bishop Spong’s lead. It has changed and it is dying. I... Read More...

The Logic of ‘But on the other hand…’

By George Sumner Every Christian doctrine involves, somehow or other, saying two things at once. This doesn’t point to an occasional knot, but shows the nature of the subject itself. Prior to grappling with these theological pairs, we can describe the human... Read More...

The Play’s the Thing

Shakespeare, Theology, and the Unstaged God offers a provocative, well-researched look at the spaces that literature and theology can cohabit

Towards a Livelier God

Andreas Wagner’s God’s Body, a revision of an earlier German book, is a fascinating and provocative discussion of anthropomorphism, the presentation of God as an embodied person


The Antichrist signals the very real possibility that humanity may be forced to come face to face with what it actually is, with all its ruinous, deceptive and disintegrating desire.