Art Versus the Machine: What Tolkien Might Say to Extinction Rebellion

Those who care deeply about the fate of the planet would do worse than to take Tolkien’s Elves as their model, building communities marked by artistry, craftsmanship, husbandry, wisdom, and delight. This will involve equal parts remembering, stability, humility, and self-denial.

He Gives to His Beloved Sleep

I’ve been reflecting on the phenomenon of sleep, and in particular on how the Bible’s description of sleep can illuminate our understanding of what it means to be a creature of God.

Souls & Bodies in East Texas

When it comes to many of the dominant assumptions of the cultural landscape in East Texas (what Charles Taylor and others call the “social imaginary”), I do plan to continue to undermine them. Historic, Christian orthodoxy, mediated by classical Anglicanism, is a much better way.