Interpreting a Strange New World

Rather than acting as a signpost to the strange new world of Scripture, the sermon all-too-often obstructs our view of the Bible’s terrain. We have lost sight of the strange; our pews remain fixed in the familiar.

Of Pulpits and Preaching

The dignity of the pulpit, whether it is centrally located or off to one side, reflects the importance of the preaching office in the life of the Church.

The Word, Given to Death

Toward the end of Luke's Gospel, we find Jesus running urgently toward Jerusalem for his triumph and betrayal.

Martin Luther on the gospel and the Church

For Luther, there is a beautiful ambiguity, a chicken-and-egg phenomenon, even a tension, in which the Church is ever being created and recreated by its gospel proclamation.

Words matter

Our human dignity is founded upon the Word of God that lives in us by the power of the Holy Spirit. And that Word is dynamic and living, never static or flat.

Behind every sermon

"It reassures people to see their preacher holding a Bible,” a colleague would say. Still a slave to the manuscript, I began printing my sermons in two columns on copier pages.