The Way of Love: Turn

Part of a series on The Way of Love. Other previous entries are available here. By Charlie Clauss Presiding Bishop Curry should be applauded for his work to bring the Episcopal Church the program, The Way... Read More...

George Floyd and Simon of Cyrene: De Profundis

By Clint Wilson What would I have done if I were there? Can you imagine what it would have been like to be present, to stumble upon the local law enforcement taking one more criminal to his appointed end? ________________________________________ I deci... Read More...

Death is Staring Us Down

By Cole Hartin People will tell me that the reality of death so far exceeds the thought that when we actually get there, all our fine fencing amounts to nothing. Let them say so: there is no doubt whatsoever t... Read More...

Love, but Not Like That

If we want to understand what Christian love is, we must begin not by talking about ourselves but by talking about the God who loves and whose love looks like Jesus Christ and him crucified for the remission of our sins.

A Crisis in Discipleship

It is not just the case that Jesus has provided an example of how we should live. His life, death, and resurrection have provided much more.

Via crucis

Behold my grace through vessel, see my love / in bark-covered-twisted-winter-dead tree.