Henri de Lubac: Mystical Theologian

This essay is excerpted from chapter three of Salvation in Henri de Lubac: Divine Grace, Human Nature, and the Mystery of the Cross, which is now available for purchase and is posted with permission of the Univ... Read More...

Beauty will save the world

We’ve forgotten what art is for. We need places to live, work, and worship: They are useful for us when they reflect our value as creatures of Beauty itself.

The gospel ain’t about you

The gospel is the proclamation that “the crucified and risen Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and therefore the Lord of the world.” And the time is ripe for a preaching ministry that reflects this gospel and equips the saints for the holy life which is our spiritual worship.

An open letter to twenty-somethings

The clock ticks, and we name each tick a curse rather than thanking God for the gift of time. But that's not seeing the world as it is revealed by Jesus the Messiah.