The Crisis of Faith that is Ukraine

By Mark Edington As I write these words, units of the Russian army have moved across the national boundary into the eastern areas of Ukraine. As you read them, it may be the Russian military, together wit... Read More...

I Pledge Allegiance to the Cross

By Clint Wilson Four years ago, countless Americans sat in their homes as their televisions broadcast the results of an intense battle. They prayed, perhaps with sweat on their brows, and anxiously awaited t... Read More...

Holy Saturday and the “Apocalypse” of Hell

By Hannah Bowman Holy Saturday liturgically commemorates Jesus’s descent into hell, or descent to the dead: an ambiguously interpreted tradition that found its way from a few obscure references in the New Testament into the Apostles’ Creed and popular piety... Read More...

The Defeat Economy

Amazon’s logo symbolizes totality, and there is seemingly nowhere the “A to Z arrow” does not reach anymore. With the extraordinary means at Amazon’s disposal, everywhere is accessible and almost everything is on offer.

Koinonia in Dallas

Communion is not something we have but something we are; it is something we receive, not something we achieve.