A sermon given at St Andrew’s Chesterton, Cambridge, Sunday Sept 26, 2021 By Bishop Graham Kings Esther 4:6-17 This morning we are pondering the whole book of Esther in the Old Testament, with the help of Si... Read More...

Preaching amidst Coronavirus

This post continues a series of essays on preaching written by lay people. Other installments may be found here. By Hannah Matis A small lifetime ago — can it really have been only a month? — I was thinki... Read More...

Exilic Ministry: A Sermon for Seminarians

The real struggle in the next generation will be to understand ourselves, as the people of God and not just conglomerations of individuals, in the light of our exilic condition. It will be the underlying test for Anglicans in the Global North. How do we come to understand ourselves as a people with a different narrative, as a people against culture’s grain, beyond the immediate political answers we might give?

Newman on Self-deception and Self-knowledge

The way truly to know ourselves is not idly to look within ourselves, but rather to look away from ourselves at the one who calls us by name, who commands us to love him by loving our neighbor, who sends us into the vineyard to work today.