Karl Barth and Modern Crisis

By Samuel Cripps I left the Episcopal Church once. I left because I was still a teenager, and like many young people, I was unstable in my faith, but also, and not insignificantly, because I couldn’t recogni... Read More...

Exilic Ministry: A Sermon for Seminarians

The real struggle in the next generation will be to understand ourselves, as the people of God and not just conglomerations of individuals, in the light of our exilic condition. It will be the underlying test for Anglicans in the Global North. How do we come to understand ourselves as a people with a different narrative, as a people against culture’s grain, beyond the immediate political answers we might give?

The sea change

I was advised that I was “too academic” and would need to play down my experience as a theological educator.

From chapel to classroom — and back again

One of the things I love about teaching in a seminary is how easily I can make connections between various subjects of study. One can see why our forebears bequeathed this institutional model to us.