Is There Really a Secular Christmas?

By Timothy P. O’Malley A virtuous grumpiness has overtaken a certain kind of Christian. At least, we imagine that it’s virtuous. While the rest of the world has been consumed by a commercialized season, we C... Read More...

“Imagine” Is Harder Than You Think

By Charlie Clauss I’m sure I wasn’t the only one excited that the Olympics, postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic, finally happened this August. With cases on the rise in Japan, it was not a sure thing. Wa... Read More...

Being a Christian in a Secular Age

We may still be attracted to the holy, but disbelief permeates our faith in God because it’s what we “breathe in our times.” Therefore, it’s becoming harder – even for Christians – to view God as believable in today’s age. 

A Fire that Rekindles?

The disaster of Notre Dame is not likely to revive Christian belief, but the long process of rebuilding may also rekindle anew an appreciation, if not for religion, then for the idea of faith and the possibility of the transcendent.

The Next Church

If religion continues to church-it-up in pretense and inside baseball, we become like Gilbert and Sullivan operettas: great good stuff, beloved by an ever-shrinking, self-congratulating group of lovely people.

CBC Radio and the Christian Mind

CBC is the measure and gauge for the mind of Canadian culture, but the Christian will have to weather many subtle forms of scorn, belittlement, and mockery, either from the hosts or the guests they pander to.