On Schism

By Anthony Clavier  Steps by GAFCON and the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches to “cancel” the Archbishop of Canterbury from leadership of the Communion has threatened worldwide Anglicanism more formidably than the Kikuyu conflict of a hundred yea... Read More...

ACNA’s Scandals and Mine

By Steve Schlossberg Reading an article the other day about recent sexual abuse scandals in ACNA, I found myself enjoying it. I don’t know if an ugly smirk actually crawled across my face as I read the artic... Read More...

A View from Albany

By Leander Harding Just before Holy Week we found out that our retired eighth bishop of Albany, Daniel Herzog, was resigning his orders in the Episcopal Church and transferring to the Anglican Church in Nort... Read More...

Don’t wait on history

It is not anthropomorphized history that stands in the way of orthodoxy, but only individuals.

An appeal to those considering departure from the Anglican Church of Canada

The real sign of hope is that God continues to raise up faithful people, that they continue to build solid friendships within the ACoC, and that the unique bonds of affection we have with each other, our Communion, and with the Indigenous North are being strengthened despite the centrifugal forces of division.