Martha and Mary

Adapted from a sermon given on the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost at All Souls’, Oklahoma City  By Christopher Yoder They say there are two kinds of people in the world. Robert Frost said there are “some wi... Read More...

A Helpful, Accessible Introduction

Reclaiming Rest The Promise of Sabbath, Solitude, and Stillness in a Restless World By Kate H. Rademacher Broadleaf, pp. 213, $16.99 Review by Abigail Woolley Cutter Kate Rademacher’s Reclaiming Rest i... Read More...

Priestly Sacrifice

By Mark Michael You’ve probably seen “your pastor before and after coronavirus” memes on your Facebook feed. Over the course of a year, wrinkles sprout and wild hair proliferates, or cuddly Grogu morphs into a wearied ancient Yoda. We’re all tired, sadde... Read More...

The Way of Love: Rest

By Garwood P. Anderson “Come, Labor On.” Most Episcopalians will know that hymn, #542 in our 1982 Hymnal, to the tune of Ora Labora (Pray Work). It’s not my favorite, probably because I have for so long iden... Read More...

He Gives to His Beloved Sleep

I’ve been reflecting on the phenomenon of sleep, and in particular on how the Bible’s description of sleep can illuminate our understanding of what it means to be a creature of God.

The Reign of Grace

We are inescapably religious, and for David Zahl this is more of a curse than a blessing. 

Advice for the weary pastor: Seneca and the Stoics

A commonplace among clergy is that seminary hardly prepares the pastor for all the difficulties and trials found in the crucible of parish life, but a good seminary education at least furnishes an ability to identify the hardships as they come.