The Poetry of Reconciliation

By Jonathan Mitchican When it comes to interpreting Scripture, N.T. Wright famously said, “We must stop giving nineteenth-century answers to sixteenth-century questions and try to give twenty-first-century a... Read More...

I Pledge Allegiance to the Cross

By Clint Wilson Four years ago, countless Americans sat in their homes as their televisions broadcast the results of an intense battle. They prayed, perhaps with sweat on their brows, and anxiously awaited the outcome of a victory that would electrify the w... Read More...

Advent, The Four Last Things: Heaven

But what if heaven is not primarily a place of peace, but instead a community, created by communal participation in the divine life? Such a conception of heaven allows us to begin to imagine it as a place of communal accountability — a place where all can be welcome only because all are responsible to one another: a place of justice.

Reconciliation, the Gospel in Lent

Much of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent book is focused on reconciliation as relationships restored, or the consideration of personal factors that might inhibit a willingness to participate in such ministry.