Listening with the Heart

By Marcia Hotchkiss I have always been a reader. Going to the public library weekly was an activity that I treasured as a child. When my faith became more real to me in high school, I participated in Bible s... Read More...

Maintaining a Diet of the Word

By David Barr It is certainly no secret at this point that liturgy has made a comeback. I don’t know whether the increase in traditional patterns of worship is simply another fad in the North American church scene, or whether it is a right and lasting respo... Read More...

Words of Eternal Life

Just as baptism leads to identification with Jesus’s divine Sonship, making us by adoption what belongs to Jesus by nature, so too in John this baptism-like scene provokes an understanding of our ongoing identification with and consideration of our life in Christ.

Reading Contemplatively

While the decline of contemplative reading is a problem for the professor, it’s a threat to the Christian, especially those of us operating within a sacramental tradition.

Top 10 rules for reading the Bible

Reading the Bible is often a challenge. It can be confusing and troubling, and it is easy to be deceived. These ten guidelines are not the Alpha and Omega of successful biblical interpretation. But perhaps they are useful touchstones.