He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over You

By Daniel Martins All three of my children are alums of Sewanee: The University of the South. There’s a pious tradition on that “holy mountain” of tapping the roof of one’s vehicle upon exiting the gates of ... Read More...

Psalm 88: At God’s Mercy

By Justin S. Holcomb Psalm 88 is an individual psalm of lament by someone so overwhelmed with troubles (v. 3) that he is abandoned by his friends and feels abandoned by God. This psalm is a song of distress ... Read More...

The Mirror of the Psalms

By Bryan Owen Every once in a while, we hear words from a psalm in our corporate worship that trouble or shock us. It’s pretty rare that this happens in the eucharistic lectionary appointed for Sundays. But since the Daily Office lectionary gets around to t... Read More...

Wait for It: Praying the Psalms in Community

The irony for the officiant is that the only way to promote harmony among the various voices at prayer is to focus on their own. The role of the officiant is to pray through the chaos so the chaos can eventually find order through the prayers. The officiant must be attentive to all who are praying, but not at the expense of their own prayers.

ACNA’s Renewed Coverdale Psalter

We should not expect to hear BBC Evensongs using the Renewed Coverdale Psalter anytime soon, but it is a great option for contemporary North American parishes.