Abortion, Faith, and Clarity

By Douglas LeBlanc Catholic News Agency, as part of EWTN’s global media family, has a charism for making plain what is often obscured by political rhetoric. A recent example is a news report by Matt Hadro: “... Read More...

Life before Birth According to Scripture

By Jean McCurdy Meade While Christians adopt different stances on how to best address the morality of abortion, we should all bear in mind what the Bible implies about God’s role in conceiving human life by studying again the stories of our Lord and his pre... Read More...

Unplanned parenthood

I suspect that most agree with this basic principle, this core assumptions of modern democratic life: pregnancies should be, with rare and rarely charming exceptions, planned.

Neil Gorsuch: Pro-life Episcopalian

Someday, perhaps, it will no longer be considered provocative for a Supreme Court nominee to believe that all human life is intrinsically valuable.

Abortion is not a blessing

Abortion is not a blessing. Let us in all humility never be afraid to say so. And may the prayers of the Holy Innocents ascend to the throne of grace to strengthen us in God’s saving work

A church that loves the prophets

Are the prophets merely the forerunners of the non-profits, God’s agents of social improvement in the lives of those who need it most?