Perspectives on the Primates’ Meeting

By Josiah Idowu-Fearon The recent gathering of primates has attracted the attention of both secular and church journalists alike, and the blogosphere is so full of commentary and interpretation that I can barely keep up with it. The good news is that the world has noticed the Anglican Communion!

Can anyone speak (it) theologically?

Where are the theologians, in the wake of the Primates' meeting? Where is the theological speech about the schisms that continue to rend us asunder?

After the Primates’ Gathering, whither gay conservatives?

Some of us are both gay and conservative, and for us, the question isn’t so much how to hold diverse groups within TEC together — the more “progressive” lesbian and gay Christians “over there,” say, with the more “conservative” traditionalists “over here.”

Judging myself, loving my brethren

What causes our divisions? Why do weak and heretical doctrines persist? I wish I didn’t find a solitary cave to be such a compelling option when I’m overcome by discouragement over the state of our Communion.