Advent: Gearing Up For All Twelve Days

A former Roman Catholic student preparing to become an Episcopal priest recently asked me why we retain the Twelve Days of Christmas as Anglicans, but Roman Catholics do not. Both Rome and the Episcopal Church ... Read More...

The Arte and Crafte of Dying Well

By David Ney There is ... a time to be born and a time to die. — Ecclesiastes 3:1 The last chapter of George Marsden’s award-winning biography on Jonathan Edwards begins with the following sentence: “Jonath... Read More...

Am I ready to die?

The diagnosis came like a bolt from the blue. As a priest, I have regularly been near death and dying, but I found myself unprepared for the inevitable in my case.

Advent gumbo

The work of preparation involves paring or trimming things out of our lives, like using a paring knife to trim the vegetables and cut away the fat from the chicken in a gumbo.