Prayer Works

Whenever I am discouraged and don’t feel like praying, I think of a particular story from the Diocese of the Arctic.

Settle Your Soul

The Power of Silence will make you uncomfortable with your prayer habits, or lack thereof, and may well convince those who are unsure of the need for contemplation and silence.

A Memorial to the 79th General Convention

We hope that this memorial can contribute in some way to the staking out of a broad and comprehensive orthodoxy, clear principles to guide part of our shared future.

A Door Closed to Prayer

The doors to General Convention’s exhibit hall were wide open on Tuesday, but the doors to the prayer chapel were locked — and this in a c​hurch that places a high priority on worship, convening a meeting that will debate prayer-book revision.

Attending to Creation’s Wonder

St Basil: “I want creation to penetrate you with so much admiration that everywhere, wherever you may be, the least plant may bring to you the clear remembrance of the Creator.”