Charles III and Kenotic Monarchy

By Benjamin M. Guyer The coronation of Charles III was easily the most subversive event of my lifetime. If it is fair to say that the coronation was a political event, then the terms of its politics are fund... Read More...

Powerless Christianity

By Eugene R. Schlesinger  I gave my back to those who struck me and my cheeks to those who pulled out the beard; I did not hide my face from insult and spitting. —Isaiah 50:6   Let the same mind be ... Read More...

Leaving and Cleaving: Purity and Power

By Amber D. Noel As a Pentecostal-turned-Anglican, with some traditions in between, I’m someone who has lived in many church worlds, and I enjoy building bridges across contexts. But working in an Episcopal context, confirmed in a PEARUSA congregation, and ... Read More...

The Dread Spirit of the Age

This bundle of ideas — nihilism, atheism, the need to create our values, the reduction of everything to power — lies behind much that is deeply problematic in our time.

Christophobia: Holy Innocents, past and present

The Herodian thirst for power led to countless children being baptized by blood, a baptism our Lord himself would escape only for a season (it was necessary first for him to be baptized in water to fulfill all righteousness).