The Restless Desire to Know Thyself

By Mike Michielin Many today are “perplexed by desire and what it says about who we are as human beings.” Typically, today’s philosophers, psychologists, educators, and the media tell us to look inward and tap into what our desires are telling us about who ... Read More...

The Dread Spirit of the Age

This bundle of ideas — nihilism, atheism, the need to create our values, the reduction of everything to power — lies behind much that is deeply problematic in our time.

Missionary to postmodernity

Whatever else postliberalism is, it was meant to be an apologetic help to be a credal or mere Christian in our age. That is what George Lindbeck was and what he wanted to promote.

Beyond the impasse

In the Analogical Turn, Johannes Hoff’s chief argument is that at the very birth of modern times, Nicholas of Cusa offered a path-not-taken, one definitively forward-looking.

Trump the inevitable? The long lead-up

With the wisdom of hindsight, I realize the preconditions for this situation have been clicking into place from at least the Sixties when I was in university and seminary.