Camino de Solo Dad

By Jon Jordan  I need to begin with a caveat: below I describe an experience that my own wife and countless others encounter on a very regular basis. I am well-aware — as aware as ever! — that those who pare... Read More...

Learning to be a Guest

By Mark Michael We could hear the hospitality crew a quarter mile before they came into view. The thumping bass of dance music cut through the dust of the trail and the haze of the Castilian sun. There hadn’... Read More...

A pilgrimage to Canterbury and Rome, personal and ecumenical

It is my belief that as we enter more fully into relationship, in common ministry, old difficulties will be seen in a new light and be given a different and more hopeful context for resolution. My time on pilgrimage has given me a renewed vision and a new energy for the task that lies ahead.

To Trebizond by camel, with tea

The enchanting beauty and intricate patterns of Anglo-Catholic liturgy provide the lineaments of imagination in The Towers of Trebizond.