Dreading Pentecost

By Charlie Clauss I found it odd the first time such a letter made its way to my hands, but to have it occur a second time is strange indeed. Dear Slimeside, I want to warn you about this time of year.... Read More...

Of Hymns and Missionaries

By Daniel Martins One of the spiritual practices in which I regularly engage is to sit down at a piano or organ keyboard with a hymnal and just play through hymns, allowing myself ample opportunity to reflec... Read More...

A Love Note to Anglicanism

Though I find myself today a Byzantine rite priest in communion with Rome, it was in the Anglicanism of my youth that I was formed in many important and providential ways.

Theologies of Discernment: Call or Charism?

We might faithfully do a great many things in our lives, including changing occupations. Because our lives are not monolithic, neither should our discernment be. The idea that God issues a single vocation to each of us does not seem consonant with the experience of most Christians