A Modern-Day Pastoral Rule

These will be useful volumes to own — a kind of encyclopedia of pastoral wisdom to dip in and out of and a useful corrective to models of mission and ministry that over-emphasize advocacy or achievement at the expense of personal relationships.

Graveside Thoughts

By Bryan Owen Every now and then the church gets a call for a priest to conduct a graveside service. It could be for someone who has little to no church affiliation. Or it could be for someone who was a chur... Read More...

Wholly to this One Thing

By Jonathan Turtle Christian priests and ministers of the gospel are called with precision and urgency to a single burning passion. Yes, particular individuals may have many and varied interests but the office can have only one passion and where there is co... Read More...

The Unselfish Pastor

A pastor is called according to the ministry of Jesus himself, who gave up his life for the world.

A Good Shepherd

This good and true shepherd’s interest in and care for all of us who became his “sons” was surely a sign to us that the Good Shepherd had plans for us and was counting on us to be His disciples.

Honor for Lamy of Santa Fe

Bishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy faced conflict and put down stable roots, but died with unfinished visions.

Anglicans without a cause

I see little evidence on social media that Christians, let alone clergy, provide any greater wisdom and insight to the great causes.