Which Maintenance, Whose Mission?

By Sam Keyes Several weeks ago, a clergy acquaintance online posted a provocative observation that “maintenance is mission.” This is a priest in charge of a parish of historical note, and his argument was th... Read More...

Why We Need “Gay Christians”

By Amber D. Noel The recent decision by Archbishop Foley Beach and the ACNA to officially discourage (or disallow) the phrase “gay Christian” distressed me deeply. I think this should especially distress som... Read More...

The Necessity of Pastoral Visiting

By Cole Hartin Barring the extenuating circumstances of the pandemic, if you are not visiting folks in your congregation, then you are probably not their pastor. This was a difficult truth for me to learn. I grew up attending a large congregation that ha... Read More...

On Good Funerals

What are some “best practices” for the ritual observance of a Christian's death that we should strive not to surrender to the secular culture?

Eucharistic Participation and Pastoral Care

By Thomas Plant The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed deep cleavages within society and the Church. The suspension of public liturgies and physical distancing requirements have brought about crises of pastoral care, which are exacerbated in sacramental traditi... Read More...

Being a Potato Bug

Watching Mister Rogers with my children is a constant reminder of how impoverished our culture can be when it comes to childhood.

Narcissism, Psychiatry, and Pastoral Care

A growing number of younger clergy are looking to reclaim the theological heritage of the church, but we must also recognize that not all personal problems are theological problems.