From the Archives: Paschal Mystery

As we, with Jesus, set our faces toward Jerusalem this Holy Week so that we may "enter with joy upon the contemplation of those mighty acts whereby has given us life and immortality...through Jesus Christ" (BC... Read More...

Sursum corda

This is the last of three reflections on hierarchy. Part one, Part two. By Christopher Wells Human beings are made for worship of God: at once, to repent and acclaim his glorious name, and to bow before h... Read More...

Christ’s Harrowing of Hell

The paradox of the Paschal Mystery is that both the silent suffering and the first celebration of Easter are the truth of Holy Saturday.

Paschal mystery

Liturgy closes the distance between our own time and the events of salvation history, and our identification with those events is an essential part of how this takes place.

The morphology of Lent

Within the context of the Paschal Mystery, we understand our journey through Lent to be a movement from glory to glory.

Paschal penitence

The New Testament suggests that there is nothing more paschal in character, than the transitional moment represented by our repentance and God’s forgiveness.

Mysterium fidei

For Christians, the Paschal mystery is the hub from which all the spokes of the wheel emanate.