Your Church Matters

By Jonathan Turtle As we begin, Lord willing, to emerge from the fog of this pandemic, it may be worth examining and re-considering our relationship to church. Not to the Church but rather to your particular... Read More...

The Parish as a School of Friendship

By Victor Lee Austin I am the author of Friendship: The Heart of Being Human, which aims to do a lot of things, one of which is to highlight the central role of friendship in Scripture. This is my thesis: Go... Read More...


A return to the parish model would involve training seminarians and young clergy to create core groups of lay people who live into their baptismal promises, having the courage to be missionaries in the territorial parish, caring for the sick, relieving poverty, providing young people with tools to live for Jesus in a secular world.

Wait for It: Praying the Psalms in Community

The irony for the officiant is that the only way to promote harmony among the various voices at prayer is to focus on their own. The role of the officiant is to pray through the chaos so the chaos can eventually find order through the prayers. The officiant must be attentive to all who are praying, but not at the expense of their own prayers.

Drawn together: St. Augustine’s Oak Cliff, one year later

A year-and-a-half into working at St. Augustine's, I am beginning to see some of our successes, opportunities we have yet to engage, and a few challenges that we will need to answer if we are effectively to serve either the needs of our neighborhood today or the Church of tomorrow.