Pusey Vindicated

Grace and Incarnation The Oxford Movement’s Shaping of the Character of Modern Anglicanism By Bruce D. Griffith with Jason R. Radcliff Pickwick, pp. 216, $26 Review by Chip Prehn The authors believe th... Read More...

The Holy Trinity: Indwelling the Mystery

By Chip Prehn The Church the world over celebrated the Feast of the Holy Trinity on Sunday, May 30th. What used to be called “the season after Trinity” takes the Church all the way to the First Sunday of Adv... Read More...

Oxford Movement exegesis and sacramental ontology

In the world that Augustine and Aquinas inhabited, created things and human institutions were interconnected with heavenly realities, knit together in Christ in whom “all things hold together” (Col. 1:17). We seem not to inhabit this world.

John Wesley, Catholic forerunner?

John Henry Newman wrote, "Who would not rather be found even with Whitfield and Wesley, than with ecclesiastics whose life is literary ease at the best, whose highest flights attain but to Downing Street or the levee?"