Reflections on leaving

There are reasons for people to leave a church, and sometimes the rationale for remaining can fly so high that it leaves people in the cold.

Don’t wait on history

It is not anthropomorphized history that stands in the way of orthodoxy, but only individuals.

Anglicans and the echo of history

There are impulses at work in the Church, on both the right and the left, a desire to sweep away the tired old past and to start over again. This desire is founded on an illusory hope.

‘Theological’ theology and ministerial training

Ministerial training has increasingly moved towards the “practical” and the ethical, and away from the doctrinal and the abstract. What is implicitly said is that what matters is that ministers can offer pastoral care and lead communities in improving society

Homesick at home

What, then, is the strategy for staying in the Episcopal Church? To borrow from Chesterton, it means at times being “homesick at home."