A Social-Transcendental Argument

By George Sumner This year marks the 30th anniversary of Reclaiming Faith, a work that Ephraim Radner and I edited to bring the lens of the theological tradition to bear on the travail of the Episcopal Churc... Read More...

Roundtable: Why I Write for Covenant (David Goodhew)

Periodically, we like to take stock of our work and mission. How can Covenant best serve the Anglican Communion and wider Christian family? And how do we think about the breadth of our writing? For the next few days, we present perspectives that we hope you en... Read More...

Rohr Shock

To say that Rohr is outside the bounds of the mainstream Christian theological tradition is not a harsh attack on him. Rather it is to simply take him seriously.

Biblical Trinitarian Language for Those in Need

It is possible to pray with, to, and within the Trinity using biblical language and yet without words that have masculine and patriarchal overtones in common English usage. Pray, I suggest, in the name of the one God: Abba, Christ, and Holy Spirit.