God Bless America, God Save the King

By Steve Rice Reminders of the British Monarchy are all around me. I was born and raised in South Carolina and live in North Carolina. The Carolinas are former colonies founded by and named after Charles II ... Read More...

A Deadly Kind of Calling

By Jordan Hillebert Augustine wept at his ordination. He had arrived in the ancient seaport of Hippo, in part, to avoid becoming a priest. The Catholic Church in North Africa was at that time a relatively... Read More...

The Ordinal According to Jane Austen

By David Goodhew Introduction Jane Austen wrote romantic comedy, but she also wrote theology. And it has much to say to us in these dark, often hysterical, days of COVID-19. It remains a truth almost universally acknowledged by scholars and filmmakers... Read More...

Spiritual Sacrifices: A Sermon for Seminarians

Only in light of the confession of Jesus as Lord can we come to a right understanding of who we are. The church is indeed holy, a temple enabled to offer sacrifice. But its holiness is derivative of his, its sacrifice is the pleading of his for the sake of the world.

Exilic Ministry: A Sermon for Seminarians

The real struggle in the next generation will be to understand ourselves, as the people of God and not just conglomerations of individuals, in the light of our exilic condition. It will be the underlying test for Anglicans in the Global North. How do we come to understand ourselves as a people with a different narrative, as a people against culture’s grain, beyond the immediate political answers we might give?