1 Peter 3:1-7 in Fresh Perspective

By Peter R. Rodgers When the Lambeth Conference meets next summer, one of the distinctive features will be a study of the First Letter of Peter. The First Letter of Peter: A Global Commentary, edited by Pro... Read More...

The Voice of the Old Testament

By Christopher Seitz One of my goals in college was to get the grades necessary to apply to a top law school. I happened to take a course in Old Testament, and the professor asked me to stay on and be a tea... Read More...

Why Anglican seminarians still need Galatians

Much of the shape of Anglican seminary curricula, Richard Briggs contends, is shaped by the historical-critical project rather than by the particular questions raised by Anglican ministry itself.

Churches need incense

Incense may not be a hill worth dying on, but it is at least a hill worth strategizing for. It is a shot to the gut of comfortable, consumer-friendly religion.