A Tale of Two Popes

By Matt Boulter Anyone who remembers Shadowlands, the classic 1993 film about C. S. Lewis, knows that Anthony Hopkins has an uncanny knack for portraying Christian intellectuals who are struggling through an... Read More...

Recovering the Magic in Onward

By Sam Keyes Pixar’s new Onward, made available early on Disney Plus thanks to the pandemic, is a wonderful movie. Of course I was going to say that. It is the gentle apotheosis of so much fantasy nerd culture — almost like a screen version of the game Munc... Read More...

Baby Jesus and Playground Trash Talk

God descends into the messiness of our lives so that we might ascend to participate and share in his glory, a glory that does not result from our genetics, or bloodline, or our own self-determination, but from the sheer grace of God.

After Darkness, Light?

The documentary Calvinist is a visual tract intended primarily for American evangelicals unaffiliated and possibility unfamiliar with the movement.