Rescuing the Poor Widow

By Bryan Owen Many years ago when I had the privilege of traveling to the Holy Land, one of the things I enjoyed the most was people watching. People from all over the world thronged through the narrow stree... Read More...

Church, We Need to Fundraise

By Zack Guiliano You may have noticed the Church of England is teetering toward financial crisis, amid broader declines. Sadly, this is nothing new, and only mirrors longstanding trends. Average Sunday at... Read More...

How Should We Use Our Stimulus Money?

By Benjamin M. Guyer On March 25, the Senate approved a $2 trillion economic stimulus package. It includes a provision of at least $1,200 for most Americans. The goal is to help counter the economic effects of COVID-19 — and present economic difficulties ar... Read More...

Alms from the church

On Dec. 31, St. Dunstan's Church in Houston will give the proceeds of a special capital campaign to celebrate the Jubilee year of its founding.

The limits of self-awareness

“Self-awareness” has become something of a cultural phenomenon of late. Yet for all its benefits, there are limits to what it can achieve.