Experiencing Lent as Transfigured Disciples

By Mother Miriam, CSM As we journey through a second Lent under the COVID-19 pandemic, the synoptic Gospels’ story of Jesus’ Transfiguration provide a fruitful opportunity for growth as disciples of the living Word and Lord. In the Transfiguration Jesus mo... Read More...

Apologia episcoporum

There are two principal ways of speaking of Anglo-Catholicism: as a matter of “taste,” and as a matter of truth.

Top 10 reasons not to boast in Anglicanism

For those who take pride in being Episcopalian, I offer the following “Top 10 reasons not to boast in Anglicanism,” inspired by the Princeton Proposal for Christian Unity and The Gospel and the Catholic Church by Archbishop Michael Ramsey.

Where are we looking?

Rowan Williams: "It is more attractive to go in quest of the real Church than to seek for the pattern of Cross and Resurrection in the heart of where we happen to find ourselves. But Ramsey implicitly warns us that the quest can be a way back to the self-defining and self-protective religious institution that always distorts or stifles the gospel."