In the Shadow of the Cross

By Neil Dhingra Imagine two friends, one Protestant and the other Catholic. Perhaps they first met in a university History of the Reformation course, much like the version I once took, which, even in a secul... Read More...

Leaving Ourselves Behind

By Nick Comiskey Every ministry context presents unique challenges and opportunities. Here’s mine: I serve as the associate rector of an Anglican (ACNA) church in Austin, TX, a city marked by the density of ... Read More...

Martin Luther on the gospel and the Church

For Luther, there is a beautiful ambiguity, a chicken-and-egg phenomenon, even a tension, in which the Church is ever being created and recreated by its gospel proclamation.

How to give God a gift

We want to glorify God by giving him everything we have. What could we possibly give him that would amplify in any way the radiance that he already possesses?

Anglicans on the Wittenberg trail

It’s not the familiar narrative: four contented Anglicans, of the higher church variety, uninterested in conversion, walking in the footsteps of Luther.