By Hannah Matis A year ago — was it only a year ago? — Pixar released Soul, with its gorgeous evocation of an African-American neighborhood in New York rather unexpectedly intersected by souls’ transmigratio... Read More...

Recovering the Magic in Onward

By Sam Keyes Pixar’s new Onward, made available early on Disney Plus thanks to the pandemic, is a wonderful movie. Of course I was going to say that. It is the gentle apotheosis of so much fantasy nerd cultu... Read More...

The Narnia Church

Narnia is best understood as analogous to the Church, where all kinds of magical things and all kinds of brokenness exist side-by-side.

I’m going to shrive you

We do not understand the technology of our redemption. Is the sign of the cross any more "magical" than my iPhone? On a psychological level, it is probably less so.