Bring Back the Catafalque

By Leander S. Harding I learned from the great theorist of education Elliot Eisner and his book The Educational Imagination, to look for three curricula in any regimen of education and information: what is t... Read More...

The Holy Trinity: Indwelling the Mystery

By Chip Prehn The Church the world over celebrated the Feast of the Holy Trinity on Sunday, May 30th. What used to be called “the season after Trinity” takes the Church all the way to the First Sunday of Advent. Most altar guilds, grateful that they don’t h... Read More...
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An Advent devotion

Revelation is always disorienting. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite.
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Defending Reformation feast days

If we truly anguish over the Church, then let us beat our breasts, rend our clothes, and sign our foreheads with ashes. The cry and the lament of Reformation should move us to nothing if not these.
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The Sundays after Pentecost

Every moment may be set apart and consecrated to God through acts of Christian service and devotion. What else is the Christian life but this?