Some Thoughts on Thriving as a Church

By Kristine Blaess Part of what makes leading a church so dynamic and exciting is that, within our ministries, we lead at least three different sorts of organizations. Each one comes with its own needs and i... Read More...

How Do We Lead When We Make the News?

By Kristine Blaess Last week, the county in which I serve made the national news in a ProPublica article that alleges systemic racial bias in our county’s juvenile justice system. At least eleven elementary-... Read More...

Six Lessons for a New Pandemic Rector

By Clint Wilson I arrived in my parish five weeks before the pandemic hit Louisville, Ky. Is this what it felt like to start as a firefighter five weeks before 9/11? I am now 20 months into my tenure, and I am more grateful and confirmed in my call to this ... Read More...

The First Ninety Days, Part 3

The new rector should use the first 90 days to establish the new priest as role of a caring pastor of the congregation by spending his or her time listening to as many parishioners as possible. This requires great intentionality on the part of the new rector. By being intentional in these first 90 days the new rector can instill a sense of enthusiasm and develop some early momentum in this crucial time in the life of the congregation.

The First 90 Days (Part Two)

The new priest will want to establish herself as the pastor of the congregation. As clergy we lead the congregation, but we pastor individuals. We gain permission to lead not primarily through our job description but through the level of trust our members give us.

The First 90 Days

How does a new priest prepare herself and her new congregation for a good beginning of their common life together? Let's consider seven foundational perspectives.