Turn Up the Sad Songs for Advent

By Cole Hartin Advent is the season of longing, of preparation, of hope. As I’ve been reflecting on these themes over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve realized that most of the music I am drawn to year... Read More...

Psalm 88: At God’s Mercy

By Justin S. Holcomb Psalm 88 is an individual psalm of lament by someone so overwhelmed with troubles (v. 3) that he is abandoned by his friends and feels abandoned by God. This psalm is a song of distress ... Read More...

Sufjan blessed my year

I was a big Sufjan fan about ten years ago, but I forgot about him for a while. I was called back to my senses with the release of Carrie and Lowell.

The cruelty of Christmas

A part of me hates Christmas; a part of me curses Christmas — and the infant Christ just lays there and stares.