Centered on Christ Crucified

1 Corinthians By Kimlyn J. Bender Brazos Press, pp. 298, $35 Review by Eugene R. Schlesinger  When the first volume of the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible appeared 15 years ago, the series pr... Read More...

Karl Barth and Modern Crisis

By Samuel Cripps I left the Episcopal Church once. I left because I was still a teenager, and like many young people, I was unstable in my faith, but also, and not insignificantly, because I couldn’t recogni... Read More...

Roundtable: Why I Write for Covenant (Thomas Kincaid)

Periodically, we like to take stock of our work and mission. How can Covenant best serve the Anglican Communion and wider Christian family? And how do we think about the breadth of our writing? For the next few days, we present perspectives that we hope you en... Read More...

Reading Scripture as Centered on Jesus

The Swiss theologian’s striking insights on core Christian doctrines glisten through this superb collection of essays plumbing his engagements with gospel texts.

How to Be Religious

Being religious indicates something very basic: recognizing God as creator and responding with gratitude.