WelbyWatch 1: the Community of St Anselm

Archbishop Justin longs that Lambeth Palace be not so much a historic place of power and authority, but a place from which blessing and service reach to the ends of the earth. Thus, the Community of St Anselm.
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Abp. Welby’s priority: prayer

To raise a call to prayer, to make it one’s priority beyond all other things, is to declare that prayer has, in some sense, been devalued of late or even abandoned in favor of other activities or no activity.
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+Welby and being a people of peace

Yes, there are important disagreements and issues at stake. Yes, there’s enough blame to go around. But let’s not compare each other to terrorists and schoolchildren-murderers. Let’s at least start there.
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Mumford & friends

“Justin, of the 105 archbishops of Canterbury, five have been murdered. How does that make you feel?”
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Prayers for Bishop Justin Welby

Dr. Welby is an experienced executive and manager. He’s a man of courage who has narrowly escaped danger in visits to northern Nigeria fairly recently. He and his wife have experienced personal tragedy in the loss of a child in a car wreck. He is approachable and down to earth.