Dust and Ashes

By Joseph Mangina "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” So run the familiar words spoken during the imposition of ashes in the liturgy for Ash Wednesday. They echo the LORD’s words to A... Read More...

Meaninglessness in the Time of COVID-19

By Landon Moore  The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a terrible toll on the world's economy, as well as on our relationships, mental health, and lives overall. In this crisis, you may have been laid off from ... Read More...

How to Be Religious

Being religious indicates something very basic: recognizing God as creator and responding with gratitude.

Pray for those who upset you

My plea would not only be for understanding and real human sympathy but also for intercession. I cite Job as a model.

John Calvin on Job: Sermons of a pastor

One of the refreshing parts of Calvin’s approach to Scripture is his existential realism — he has a thorough appreciation of the Pauline doctrine that all are sinners, and so he is not afraid to see the heroes of the Bible as alloyed with sin and weakness alongside their better qualities.

God’s visitation

In older Anglican prayerbooks, "The Order for the Visitation of the Sicke" instructed the minister to direct an exhortation to the sick person. He or she is to know "certainly" that "your sickness...is God's visitation."