Intercessory Prayer for Christians

By Jean McCurdy Meade I recently went to visit an old friend I had not seen for a good while. He now in his wheelchair most of the time in an assisted living facility. A professor at Notre Dame Seminary in N... Read More...

When We Make Mistakes in Our Prayers

By Mary Foulger I was embarrassed. I had been so excited to pray with some of the important leaders in my Christian organization. Perhaps I would learn something, or maybe even simply demonstrate I could pray with the best of them. Perhaps I would just feel... Read More...

Pray for those who upset you

My plea would not only be for understanding and real human sympathy but also for intercession. I cite Job as a model.

Praying for the world when bad news abounds

On a trip to the Holy Land in 2008, I found myself riveted by an unusual mosaic of Jesus on the Church of All Nations, depicting Jesus as our intercessor, kneeling at the center of the image with two groups of people flanking him.