The Blood and the Name

By Timothy P. O’Malley On the eighth day after his birth, before receiving the “name above all names” (Phil. 2:9), Jesus was circumcised. The temptation is to spiritualize this first shedding of blood by ... Read More...

A House for the Body

By Calvin Lane Just to the south of Hyde Park in London lies the upscale neighborhood of Knightsbridge. There you can visit a Rolex boutique before popping into Harrod’s, the self-proclaimed world’s leading luxury department store. In 2007, Knightsbridge bo... Read More...

The host-life and the virus

Like much of the world right now, the Church faces a kind of humiliation in the face of the current crisis.

Christmas Zeal

Christmas is a time when Christians are particularly susceptible to one of the perennial temptations of religion: domesticating the gospel.

Son Of

Who taught the Word first to speak?